Single Year Triple Crown

On May 1, I started my attempt of a Calendar Year Triple Crown, hiking the PCT, CDT, and AT in 2018.  Unfortunately, my body broke down and I was unable to finish by the end of 2018.  Instead, I finished my final trail on January 13 making it a Single Year Triple Crown.  The posts below include pictures and stories from my hikes.  The main story, "It's Not About Me" is now available.

Stories from the PCT

On May 1, I started hiking the PCT as part of my SYTC.  I hiked the trail in 83 days finishing on July 22.  For the PCT, I hiked with continuous steps from the Southern Terminus to the Northern Terminus with only a few deviations from the official trail.  My deviations from the trail made my overall hike longer and harder than if I would have just stuck to the official trail.

Stories from the PCT

January 20, 2019

On my way to San Diego, I lost my wallet.  That's kind of a problem because food and things like that cost money and losing my wallet meant I had no money.  Thankfully, I was staying with Scout and Frodo for the night and one of the trail angels helping them out, Proton (he hiked the PCT in 2016 also and we knew a lot of the same people), drove me to a bank where I was able to get money.

Scout and Frodo offer a service fre...

January 19, 2019

All winter long, the Sierra seemed to not get snow.  I generally root for snow, but this year, I thought things were breaking my way because I could cruise through the Sierra which would help me reach my lofty goals.  Then in March, it started snowing.  It continued in April ... and May.  

I left Kennedy Meadows after waiting out a thunderstorm, and then dodged thunderstorms all the way to Lone Pine.  The on...

January 18, 2019

In the Sierra, my feet were wet an estimated average of 10 hours per day.  That destroyed one pair of shoes way too early and the replacement shoes tore up my feet.  

Also, I left the Sierra exhausted.  Mentally and physically, I was simply tired.  Entering Northern California, at first I had a lot of joy because my feet were dry all day.  Then, I found that my exhaustion didn't let me control my mind the way I n...

January 17, 2019

In 2016, Southern Oregon was my least favorite part of the PCT.  That remained true in 2018 as well.  My mileage and mental issues I had in Northern California had improved, so I mostly focused on hiking as fast as I could to complete the Oregon Challenge.  In 2016, I missed the Oregon Challenge by less than four hours, and that actually created the idea for this hike.

I rolled into Hyatt Lake Resort and ordered a lar...

January 16, 2019

I created a plan to hike Washington in under 14 days which seemed reasonable to me based on how I was hiking.  Part way to White Pass, I realized that my plan was flawed because it depended on me arriving to Stehekin after the post office closed for the weekend.  New plan: hike Washington in under 13 days.  The Oregon Challenge is to hike the entire state in under 14 days.  Washington is about 50 miles longer than Oregon and m...

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Stories from the CDT

On July 26, I started hiking the CDT as the second part of my SYTC.  I hiked the trail in 71 days finishing on October 4.  For the CDT, I hiked with continuous steps from the Northern Terminus to the Southern Terminus taking the route that made the most sense to me at the time I needed to make my decisions.

January 20, 2019

I traveled from my hometown in Washington to Whitefish, MT where a friend of mine, Keith Haas, helped me get my permit and get over to the other side of Glacier National Park.  He even gave me a pair of sunglasses since mine were in rough shape.  However, I wasn't able to get a backcountry permit for that night, so I needed a place to stay and a ride to the start of the CDT in the morning.  Keith called a friend of his who liv...

January 20, 2019

Prodigy and I entered Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park on flat trail that took us past some thermal areas including Old Faithful.  Our mileage picked up due to the ease of the trail, but overgrown trail still continued and we had to cross a knee deep marsh.  Prodigy fell and his bear spray fell out of his pack.

 Hot spring in Yellowstone.

Still I was in a hurry to leave the park and get to the place I wanted to be.  We...

January 20, 2019

I made it a goal to enter Colorado before the end of August and I made it with only a couple hours to spare.  Unfortunately, my right shoulder became real sore that day and the pain traveled up my neck and down my arm.  Pain killers became part of my daily regimen again and I searched for different solutions to my worsening shoulder.

Colorado helped out by being beautiful and I also lucked out that I could hike with others...

January 20, 2019

Before getting to New Mexico, I heard all about how awful hiking there is.  Instead, I found it interesting.  I like deserts, so New Mexico fit right in.  Sure the trail was lacking and the plants poked me every chance they got. Deserts provide a variety of plant life that I enjoy and sunsets.

Sunset in New Mexico. 

 Cactus among the other plant life that makes hiking in the desert interesting.

One last time, I managed...

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Stories from the AT

On October 9, I started hiking the AT as the third part of my SYTC.  I hiked the trail in 97 days finishing on January 13.  For the AT, I hiked with continuous steps from the Northern Terminus to the Southern Terminus taking the route that made the most sense to me at the time I needed to make my decisions.  As the AT is more about purity so White Blazing was my standard for saying I hiked the AT.  Therefore, I like to say I hiked with continuous steps from Mt. Katahdin to Springer Mt.

January 20, 2019

The AT was always the trail I would hike only to get my Triple Crown because it seemed uninteresting to me.  During my long distance hikes, I met several people who had hiked the AT and based on what they said about it, confirmed my belief.  The one part I looked forward to was Maine and New Hampshire.

They had a stretch of dry weather until literally the day I showed up.  Starting on climbing Mt. Katahdin, a mountain I he...

January 20, 2019

I have a cousin who lives in Washington DC and she offered to let me take some time off trail with her.  By this time, I knew I wouldn't finish the AT in 2018, so I had more time and since my back still gave me problems, I decided to take about a week off the trail.  During that time, I replaced my backpack and added some more gear so I could handle colder temperatures since I noticed that my elevation was about to increase....

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