Love the West Hike

While hiking my SYTC, I had this idea.  By the time I finished the hike, I decided to add to it.  After the hike, it still felt too mundane to me, so I added more to it until it became this:

  • Hike at least 100 miles in all 11 states encompassing the land from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Hike at least 6,000 miles.

  • Hike from Mexico to Canada by linking the Arizona Trail to the Idaho Centennial Trail.

  • Hike fewer than 300 miles on road (5%).

  • For every mile I hike on the road, hike at least 2 miles off-trail.

Read the below blog posts for more about why this hike is important to me, my first failed attempt at this hike, and my Instagram feed is shown below: