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Roundup River Ranch

I'm not the most likely candidate to want to raise money to help kids.  Despite being in my 30s, I don't have kids of my own or even the desire to get them.  I like kids well enough when I can interact with them on my terms, but don't consider myself a very kid friendly person.  However, I believe I have a big heart.

Roundup River Ranch provides a camp, free of charge, so that kids with serious or even life threatening illnesses can just be kids  They even cover all the medical needs for those kids while at camp.  Filled with outdoor activities, these kids will get to experience the healing power that comes through outdoor activities.  It gives them memories to cling to as they literally fight for their lives.  Basically, Roundup River Ranch shows love to kids who need it most and I want to support that.

My goal through my partnership with Roundup River Ranch is to raise at least $8,000.  


While I know that Roundup River Ranch needs money to continue running their camps, I believe strongly in the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts.  The only true gift is a portion of thyself."

Along with raising money, I volunteered for a family weekend camp which you can read about here.  

I also want to give people an incentive to donate to Roundup River Ranch.  After I finish my CYTC attempt, I plan to make a video about the hike.  Hopefully the quality will be better than the videos I have created thus far and I think it will be because I'm studying the topic.  Anyone who donates to Roundup River Ranch will get the video for free.  

If you believe in Roundup River Ranch, please donate.  If you simply want the video I create after I finish, the cost is $8 and the money goes to Roundup River Ranch. Either way click here to donate.

You can learn more about Roundup River Ranch through their website, Facebook page, and YouTube Channel.

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