Am I a Good Pathfinder?

It all starts with losing the PCT. In this area (between Donner Pass and I-80), I saw a confusing spider web of trails and took the wrong one. I figured that out when I saw a lake I wasn't supposed to see.

Instead of backtracking, I pulled out my map and saw that if I just headed North, I would run into the PCT. My watch told me it was 7 AM so I knew the sun was due East. That meant that all I had to do was keep the sun on my right, and I would hit the PCT. If I somehow missed the PCT, I wouldn't miss I-80. Turning left there would get me to the rest stop and back on the PCT.

Following trails that took me through a much more scenic path by some lakes, I kept the sun on my right until after a little bushwhacking, I made it back to the PCT.

That got me thinking, did I live up to my trail name? I like to think of my trail name as earned, but all I did was follow signs, so I feel like I still want to earn it. Now, I had the ultimate test case where I lost the trail, but found it using my navigational abilities.

Now I pose the question to anyone who somehow actually reads this, "am I a good Pathfinder?" I can't decide.

One of the lakes I saw on my detour from the PCT. Not bad for a mistake.