Scariest Moment on the PCT

The Sierras were supposed to be scary with difficult and dangerous snow covered passes, chest deep stream crossings, and bears ready to munch on tasty thru hikers. I found the passes fun and gorgeous. Thigh deep was my deepest and worst stream crossing (not bad at all). I will admit that my heart got a jolt when I saw a momma bear with two tiny cubs about 25 feet away from me, but it didn't have much of an impact on me as I chased the next bear I saw (I stopped when I realized how dumb it was). Even if you count hiking over crevices on snow-bridges or leaping over them on Mt. Rainier, none of that scared me as much as what happened at Stevens Pass.

My mom came to meet me at the pass with my supplies for the next section and a meal for any thru hikers who happened to be in the area. A young lady from New Zealand came up, and I said, "Hi Bix!"

She glared at me, "It's Bex. B-E-X." I never got her name wrong again even when another young lady from New Zealand tried to spread the word around that her name was Bix.

Who knew that a small New Zealand woman would scare me more than anything else I encountered over 2,650 miles of hiking. Actually, everyone who knows me probably thinks that's about right. She turned out to be a very nice young lady who just had a pet peeve of people calling her Bix.

Sunrise from Mt. Rainier. This was tame compared to Bex.