I made it a goal to enter Colorado before the end of August and I made it with only a couple hours to spare. Unfortunately, my right shoulder became real sore that day and the pain traveled up my neck and down my arm. Pain killers became part of my daily regimen again and I searched for different solutions to my worsening shoulder.

Colorado helped out by being beautiful and I also lucked out that I could hike with others to distract me from the pain. Graduate helped me find the right medication after a storm forced us into an unplanned town stop. Unfortunately, I had to leave Graduate, T-Rex, and Prodigy since I had to hike all the way to the Mexican border before I could start the AT and they only had to make it to Cuba, NM.

One of the many good views in Colorado.

Prodigy became the first minority to complete the Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2018. He was also an awesome hiking partner.

From the left: me, Graduate, T-Rex, and Prodigy. Graduate and T-Rex also finished the CYTC in 2018 becoming the first multi-person team to finish. I'm the least accomplished hiker in this photo and wearing my hat backwards which I rarely do.

I met Boretide while still hiking with the other three and later on I had the opportunity to hike with her for a couple days as the leaves turned into fall colors and we saw several moose.

Some of the fall colors.

My best luck came in Twin Lakes when a massage therapist arrived, worked on my shoulder, and diagnosed my shoulder. Using advice she gave me, I had her diagnosis confirmed and managed to get some relief for my shoulder.

Once again, I had to leave Boretide as our schedules and routes didn't align, so I finished Colorado solo.

Colorado didn't disappoint.

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