CDT-New Mexico

Before getting to New Mexico, I heard all about how awful hiking there is. Instead, I found it interesting. I like deserts, so New Mexico fit right in. Sure the trail was lacking and the plants poked me every chance they got. Deserts provide a variety of plant life that I enjoy and sunsets.

Sunset in New Mexico.

Cactus among the other plant life that makes hiking in the desert interesting.

One last time, I managed to find another hiker, Chippy who I could hike with for half a day, which was the last time I got to hike with anyone for that length of time.

My biggest issue was that my hiking shirt started falling apart and that led to some sunburns.

My shirt had a few holes in it.

The best part of hiking the desert is the speed. Desert hiking is fast and before I knew it, I arrived at the end of the trail. My uncle came and got me at the Crazy Cook monument and I took a few days off before starting the AT so I could hopefully heal up from some of my injuries.

At the monument after finishing the CDT.

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