Prodigy and I entered Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park on flat trail that took us past some thermal areas including Old Faithful. Our mileage picked up due to the ease of the trail, but overgrown trail still continued and we had to cross a knee deep marsh. Prodigy fell and his bear spray fell out of his pack.

Hot spring in Yellowstone.

Still I was in a hurry to leave the park and get to the place I wanted to be. We pushed each other to high mileage days until we arrived at my favorite place to hike. I almost quit the CYTC because I didn't want to leave. I wanted to explore more areas, but instead we hiked through it in only two days leaving us to the Great Divide Basin.

Squaretop Mountain guarding the entrance to my favorite place to hike.

Antelope provided entertainment, but the scenery was boring, wind was howling, and hiking a series of dirt roads was uninteresting. Fortunately, it was also fast. I hiked the Great Divide Basin alone as Prodigy decided to wait a couple hours in Atlantic City for Graduate and T-Rex to catch up and I kept going because I knew they would catch me before the end of the Basin. Sure enough, on the final stretch into town, I saw Graduate and T-Rex and we joined forces once again just before entering Colorado.

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