The Stories of my Beanies

When I hike, I lose gloves, break sunglasses, and find beanies. I currently have 14 beanies, 3 I bought, 3 were made for me, and 8 I found. There are even a couple beanies that I found and no longer have. This is the story behind 12 of my beanies (the other two I bought while working construction).

Beanie #1: Black fleece

After a summer of hiking in 2008, I entered the hiking season in 2009 extremely excited. My first backpacking trip was with my dad on a hike he wanted to do for a while. After finishing the hike, I'm not sure why he wanted to hike that, but along the way, I found this beanie. It was a little sun-faded, but soon became my go-to beanie for several years.

I did find another beanie within a month of this one, but I loaned it or gave it to someone else. I don't remember who and obviously am not concerned about it.

Beanie #2: Gray Wool - Fleece Lined

I found this beanie on a hike. I don't remember when or where, but it became my favorite for a while.

Beanie #3: Knitted Wool

I had an idea on a backpacking trip and asked my mom to use her sewing skills to make it for me. Soon, she started knitting versions of it and soon expanded into beanies. This is my favorite beanie, but it doesn't provide a lot of warmth so I use it more for looks.

Beanie #4: Brown Knitted Wool

Mom didn't stop at just one beanie. In fact, I got mittens, slippers, and other things out of her knitting spree.

Beanie #5: SmartWool

I bought this beanie in order to save an ounce or two for the PCT. Later on I figured out a way to not even carry a beanie for three season hiking. In other words, this beanie proves I am a sucker.

Beanie #6: Knitted Wool again

Mom went into another knitting spree, this time for other people, but I came out with another beanie. This one is quite a bit warmer, so I use it for cross-country skiing and other winter activities.

Beanie #7: Fleece with a Shell

After a long spell of not finding any beanies, I found this one on the PCT in 2018. I haven't used it yet and am not sure if I ever will because I have a lot of beanies.

Beanie #8: Green Beanie

I found this one on the AT right before a cold stretch. That was fortunate as I could double up my beanies when I needed to.

Beanie #9: Gray Acrylic

Before I was even able to send my Green Beanie home, I found this one to add to my collection.

I actually found another beanie shortly after this one, but left it in a hiker box as I had no interest in keeping it.

Beanie #10: Black Acrylic

Soon after the previous two beanies, I found this one, which is probably the warmest beanie I have. I used it for the remainder of the AT and sent all others home.

Beanie #11: Brown Acrylic

I took about a week off the trail in Washington DC and found this beanie while there. My cousin warned me to not wear it until after I had washed it. I won't comment on if I followed her advice.

Beanie #12: Black Micro-Fleece

On the AT, I found a total of six beanies. This one I found two days before finishing.

Does anyone want a beanie? I think I can part with one or two.

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